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rejected illustration: vetti pasanga

rejected illustration: vetti pasanga

the girl in 3d. experiment one.

These are some cartoons on the anti-nuclear struggle on at Koodankulam, Tamil Nadu. And more specifically on the police violence pumped out in copious quantities by Jayalalitha and her khaki lovers (ofcourse sanctioned by the center).

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hello fellow naked people!

hello fellow naked people!


JUJUBEE, a play in Tamil and English for children and anyone young inside. Performed by Anand Sami, Karuna Amarnath and Srikrishna Dayal
Directed by Rajiv Krishnan
Music by Vedanth Bhardwaj

the story of blue, who hurt the girl…

…only to get hunted down in the end.

yellow becoming white, becoming red, becoming blue to becoming white (not in that order)